Ontario #9x9x25 Post Number 7 of 9 #IDIG

Universal Studios or Drew Strutzan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
So here I am in week 9 of 9x9x25 backtracking to week 7 for many reasons, not least that 3 weeks can flip by in my life like 5 minutes. It happens all the time, but I’m not going to let it hold me back from finishing projects like this 9x9x25 one. Also, I promised an IDIG post for the amazing Ontario Instructional Design Interest Group, and I want to deliver something useful (if a little tardy).

What happened way back in week 7? I’ll tell you what, it was planning for and delivering the Open Education Ontario Summit #OEOSummit in partnership with a  spectacular group of Ontario open educators and eCampusOntario colleagues. Colleagues including the full squad of #OEFellows, Helen DeWaardMaureen GlynnLaura KillamAaron Langille, Jessica O’Reilly, and James Skidmore

What a day! What a week! Just to relax and wind down after the Summit we booked in 2 more days of conferencing at the Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase (TESS) 2018, eCampusOntario’s annual gathering of Ontario online and technology enabled educators.

Some of my key takeaways from both events, relevant to education in Ontario post-secondary contexts were these:

#OEOSummit18 – if you want to explore the Twitter version of some of the things that happened there.

visual notes from Billy Meinke's keynote
CC BY Giulia Forsythe

Billy Meinke’s open resources: Keynote transcript Open as a Set of Values, his University of Hawai’i OER Training Pressbook, and his OER for Faculty Workflow diagram as tools to help support colleagues on your campus that are new to the possibilities of open resources for their practice. That these topics are open education is great, but there’s just some good general education advice and ideas around copyright and such that are super helpful.

Jessica O’Reilly and Ali Versluis provided some guidance and leadership on Growing Open Initiatives on your campus, complete with their speaking notes in the notes section, a very handy item to include with Google Slides.

The OEFellows, listed earlier, rounded out the OEO Summit day leading some questions and explorations with participants around their experiences of open in their practice and on their campuses. I’ll be creating a talk-back document very shortly to provide additional opportunities for conversations around these topics. We ran out of energy at the end of the day (collectively) and couldn’t squeeze in a larger opportunity for wider group discussion. We’ll get there! The full Fellows panel of six presented at TESS about what they heard from OEOSummit participants.

#TESS18 and #TESS2018 if you want to explore some of what happened there.

visual notes from Robin DeRosa's keynote
CC BY Giulia Forsythe

In terms of TESS, I know our eCampusOntario team is preparing the recordings from the keynotes by Simon Bates and Robin DeRosa. Here’s a link to Robin’s talk, A Human Framework for Institutional Innovation, um, yes.

visual notes from Simon Bates' TESS 2018 Keynote
CC BY Giulia Forsythe

Simon talked about his Anatomy of a 21st Century Educator model in his Keynote Pathways to Institutional Support that is the solid basis for eCampusOntario’s Extend series of modules toward educators becoming Empowered Educators.

Those are some nuggets from one week of my world, hope they’re useful. Last, but certainly not least, props to Giulia Forsythe for being an extraordinary Ontario open educator and colleague plus a fantastic artist!

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