Making Sense – 5 months After #9x9x25 Post 6

image with the words making sense of open education and an image of a compassWhile this might seem like an easy post, because I’m recycling older materials, I went back and tidied up a bit, made these resources a little more generic–not so specific to the original MOOC (massive open online course) that I ran in June 2018. The purpose of the modules is to provide interested educators (post-secondary, PreK-12, or community adult educators) with more information about open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP). They can be used in a variety of ways, for personal learning, as stand-alone modules, posted using WordPress or some other open hosting option, or added to an institutional learning management system for use as professional development. They are designed for educators that are new to the formal definitions of open education.

Here is a list of the Module titles (plus the curated resource spreadsheet):

  • What is Open Education?
  • Building Open Community
  • Tracing Themes in Open Education Research
  • Types of OER
  • Copyright and Open Licenses
  • How to Search for OER
  • GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Museums, and Archives) OER
  • Tooling Around in the Open (open source tools and technology)
  • Inclusive Design (and Universal Design for Learning)
  • Adopt, Adapt, or Create?
  • Anatomy of an Open Educator
  • Open Collaboration
  • OER Advocacy
  • Renewable Assignments
  • Spreadsheet of Participant-curated Open Resources

The 14 modules at the linked Google folder (View and Download mode only) are all CC BY 4.0 International (unless otherwise indicated–a few images and resources with different licensing). They are downloadable in multiple formats (including as editable MS Word or Excel documents). We all hope that they continue to have use as part of awareness and support for educators interested in exploring (and making sense of) open education and the use of open educational resources (OER).

You can view and download the 14 modules resources at the following link: Making Sense of Open Education Modules and Resources

The course was called Making Sense of Open Education and was hosted (generously at no cost) by the OpenLearn team (Open University UK). It ran from June 1-15, 2018 as part of my dissertation research project. There were many dedicated and amazing participants in the course that enriched my research.

My close for this post is gratitude, for the participants, and for open education colleagues that collaborated with me to create this great set of modules. Thank you to Ali Versluis (intentional non-alphabetical order so that Ali can go first), Claire Coulter, Helen DeWaard, Lauren Anstey, Joanne Kehoe, Terry GreeneIrwin DeVries, Peggy French, Maureen Glynn, and Jessica O’Reilly for their amazing support getting this course built and off the ground in a very short time.

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